About MDBS


Military Deli & Bakery Services, Inc. (MDBS) is the largest operator of Deli and Bakery departments in military commissaries. Military commissaries are government owned shopping facilities operated by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). DeCA commissaries look much like a commercial supermarket except they are located on military bases. Commissaries sell groceries and household goods to military service members and their families.


See the Defense Commissary website for more information. Commissaries.com


Large commissaries include a Deli and Bakery department. These departments look much like those departments found in commercial supermarkets. Due to the special knowledge required to operate these specialty departments, commissary Deli and Bakery departments in the US are operated by commercial companies under contract with the US Government.


MDBS is privately owned and was incorporated in 1996. Today we are a growing and vibrant company with revenues exceeding $100 million dollars. Our overall business strategy is to increase sales by attracting more customers and finding more items that our current customers want to buy. To accomplish this, our corporate focuses are:

· To deliver outstanding customer service, improve customer satisfaction.

· To offer a wide variety of top quality brand-name products that exceed our customers standards.

· To maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation in our operation.

· To maintain high wages, good benefits, and offer training and advancement.

· To recruit, hire and retain good people and encourage entrepreneurial decision-making throughout the company.

· To merchandise our departments to have more customer appeal than civilian supermarkets.


Military Deli & Bakery Services, Inc. is a privately held company that is owned and managed by Tim Howard. Tim believes in hiring the best people, who are bright, energetic, resourceful, and open to change. The success of MDBS has been built by the quality people that work here. MDBS remains focused on delivering the highest level of customer service and top quality products to our customers. We continue to grow in partnership with the Defense Commissary Agency.